An ideal session for those who are beginning a homeschool journey, this is a message of encouragement regarding those earliest years of home education. Amidst all of the regulations, the curriculum, the co-ops and the nay-saying relatives, what is that central idea that will keep you focused? How are you to block out all of the other distractions to your plan? How do you make sure that the kids are thriving? We will answer these questions and more in a personal message that we hope will leave you excited about the days to come.

贝琳达·布拉德 (Belinda Bullard) 是 A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources 的创始人、教育家和作家。 Belinda 和她近 30 年最好的朋友让他们的三个孩子在家上学,三个孩子中的两个已经毕业,目前正在远离家乡追求学业和职业。作为一名受过正规教育的化学工程师,她根据自己的热情创立了 A Blessed Heritage,以超越传统叙事的方式教给孩子们历史。 A Blessed Heritage 已成为在家教育社区制作多元文化历史资源的领导者。她还在“A Blessed Heritage Chronicles”中记录了这个家庭在家上学的经历。