When my kids are struggling and have tough questions, I hope they come to me as their parent. Don’t you? We certainly don’t want them asking Google: “Is God really loving?” What can we do so that they will come to us with their struggles? And when they do, how can we best handle that conversation?

It was my privilege to discuss these questions with Dr. Kathy Koch of Celebrate Kids. You can watch our discussion in the video below. Some of the practical guidance she gives includes these ideas:


  • Be fully present and available to your kids. 
  • When your kids are struggling, be ready to demonstrate unconditional love and empathy. 
  • Ask your children to share their thoughts instead of immediately correcting them.
  • Listen longer. 
  • Say, “Thank you for trusting me.”
  • Admit when you don’t know the answers.
  • Research problems together. 
  • Call grandparents together and get their input.