NCHE Homeschool Day

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

Monday, March 23

Did you know that as a homeschool registered with the state of North Carolina, your school may visit the zoo for free twice per school year?  But by coming on NCHE Homeschool Day, you will also have the opportunity to register for the following special classes:

  1. Trekking Through a Tropical Forest
    Learn about the importance of healthy tropical forest habitats and the bountiful resources they provide while visiting the Zoo’s Forest Aviary. Make your way through the tropical forest of the Aviary and uncover animals like flamingos, poison dart frogs, and tropical birds.  (30-45 minutes; ages K-12)
  2. Our Rocky Coast
    How can you tell if it’s a seal or sea lion? How do polar bears stay warm? Learn about the animals that call our Rocky Coast habitat home. (30-45 minutes; ages K-12)

Registration is a 2-part process:

  1.  REGISTER WITH THE ZOO:  Call the zoo at 336-879-7700 and tell them you want to come to the March 23 NCHE Homeschool Day.  They will ask for the name of your school and your county (because they will be checking the DNPE website for verification.)  Registration must be completed by March 6 and is available while space lasts. You MUST register with the zoo and receive a confirmation from the Zoo to obtain free admission.  Only 1 adult and k-12 students admitted for free; other family members will be required to pay admission.
  2. SPECIAL CLASSES: Complete the registration form below to register for which class(es) you wish to attend.  Class sizes are limited.  Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis while space lasts. Tickets are $3.50 per person ages 4 and older. Under 4 are free. Tickets are transferable to others for the same class but are non-refundable.  Note:  You may come to the Zoo without participating in the Special Classes.  If that is the case, after calling the zoo to reserve your admission with them, please also complete the NCHE registration below so we can look for and greet you.

Due to the National and State coronavirus emergency, this field trip has been cancelled.  Please contact NCHE Activities Director Evelyn Bickley at if you have any questions.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
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