Could a gap year be a good option for your teen after high school? A well planned gap year can bring clarity and focus to teens and help them acquire the skills and attributes that colleges and employers are looking for. Participation in Christian gap year programs is growing by leaps and bounds for good reason! Find out how these programs can benefit your student both academically and spiritually from LeAnn’s research and the experience of her own teens.

LeAnn Gregory is a homeschooling mother of 3 who has spent the last 25 years mentoring college students in the US and abroad with CRU. She is passionate about helping students prepare for their next steps after high school, whether it be college, a gap year, entrepreneurship or other pursuits. Her 5 Major Steps curriculum and workshops encourage students to investigate their strengths, interests and aptitudes and create a career plan based on exploration and informed choice. She recently helped CRU launch their 1st gap year program for high school students and authored The Gap Year Guide to help parents determine if a gap year could be a good choice for their teen.

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