Have you encountered the frustration of spending time and energy trying to teach your children something, only to discover that they completely forgot about it in a week, a day, or even in a few minutes?

In my recent interview with Andrew Pudewa, I asked him about how we can help our children remember what they are learning? Listen to our conversation to learn how three dynamics of memory work: 1) Frequency, 2) Intensity, and 3) Duration. Frequency is the basic repetition of facts that we often use. Intensity is a dramatic experience that causes us to remember something. And duration is the reinforcement of repetition over longer periods of time.

As you listen to our conversation, you will also hear about the time Andrew stapled his finger and learn how to say “toilet” in Japanese!

The rest of the interview covered challenges and tips on how to teach writing. This is a daunting task for many of us! If you’d like to see the portion of the interview on teaching writing, then join us on the NCHE Facebook page for a Watch Party on October 20 @ 3pm.

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