By guest contributor Amy Sloan

Morning baskets are one way that homeschool parents, especially parents with multiple children, keep materials organized and in one place. It is an effective way for each member of your homeschool to begin the school day on the same page. In this webisode from her podcast, Amy Sloan interviews Pam Barnhill to discuss:

  • who invented morning baskets,
  • why morning baskets [still] work,
  • how to craft the perfect morning basket for your family
  • common misconceptions about morning time, and
  • why teaching children who are different from you is an advantage!

Amy Sloan and her husband, John, are second-generation homeschoolers by grace alone to 5 children ages 5 to 15. Their educational philosophy is one of humility and doxology, and follows  a restfully classical approach. Amy loves coffee, and starts getting nervous if the stack of to-be-read library books beside her bed is less than 2 feet tall. Get her started on Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Homer, or Hamilton the Musical and it might be hard to get her to stop. Mostly, though, she gets really excited about the Gospel. Amy writes at and you can find her podcast, Homeschool Conversations with Humility and Doxology, in your favorite podcast app.

Pam Barnhill is the author of Better Together and Plan Your Year. She hosts the popular Your Morning Basket podcast, writes at, and is one of the co-hosts for the Scholé Sisters podcast. You can find her speaking at homeschool conferences around the country when she’s not home in the Deep South with her husband and three kids.

What do you usually include in your morning basket? Share with us in the comment section below.

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