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Церемонія вручення дипломів

The graduation of a homeschooled son or daughter is a momentous occasion and worthy of celebration. One way that NCHE participates in this celebration is by holding an annual graduation ceremony which coincides with the annual conference. The 2020 Graduation Ceremony will be held Saturday, August 8 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC. The ceremony lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

NCHE invites graduate families to commemorate the occasion with your community of home-based educators by participating in the NCHE Graduation Ceremony. Homeschools wishing to participate in the ceremony will need to purchase a Graduation Ceremony Package. This package includes a diploma, cap and gown, a rose for the teacher and the option of a honor cord.

​Дізнайтеся більше про пакет церемонії випускників, а також про інші варіанти випускників NCHE за адресою Випускний Центр. It will be updated in the late fall each year.