Don’t miss these vendors at the 2021 NCHE Thrive! Conference! May 27-29, Winston-Salem, NC

2Land ComicsBooth 157
2Land comics creates high energy family friendly superhero comic books that encourage empower and inspire young people. These comic books do not contain profanity or explicit images. 2Land comic books address mental health in young people and anti-bullying. This is a comic book you can trust with your kids.,

AbekaBooth 97-100, 107-110
Abeka has been offering an excellent education from a Christian perspective since 1972. Looking for a “box curriculum” that cuts down on stress, prevents learning gaps and saves you time? We’ve got that. Need video homeschooling for an entire grade, just one subject, or even just high-quality flashcards? We’ve got those, too. At our display, you’ll see colorful, engaging textbooks for preschool–12th grade, video lessons from expert teachers, and more. (877) 223-5226,

AcaSTEMicsBooth 151
AcaSTEMics is a national movement to encourage young people to choose STEM as career aspirations. AcaSTEMics provide STEM kits for assembly that increases visual perception, develops intelligence and fosters logical thinking. By assembling STEM kits, students learn basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 256-343-6858,,

ACE-Accelerated Christian EducationBooth 93-95
A.C.E. provides a whole curriculum course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a student’s specific learning needs and capabilities. This mastery-based curriculum has a philosophy built on basic principles of the Word of God. Students are taught to take responsibility for their own learning and to walk in godly wisdom and character. (800) 925-7777,,

The Animal Park at the Conservators CenterBooth 27
Join us for an integrated Wild Field Trip. Our trained tour guides will take your students on a one-hour guided tour, introducing them to over 20 species and connecting their characteristics and adaptations to your grade level-specific science concepts. Suitable for any grade level, tours are designed to meet North Carolina Standard Course of Study science goals and objectives. We’d love to work with you to design an experience to complement your classroom content!

AOPBooth 115-120
A leading Christian homeschooling curriculum publisher, Alpha Omega Publications offers print-based, computer-based and online learning options. Best-selling brands include Monarch, LIFEPAC, Horizons and Switched-On Schoolhouse. (800) 622-3070,,

Applied Inspirations, LLC—Electronics Kits & CurriculumBooth 149
We get kids excited about electronics from ages 7–70. Our electronics curriculum is worth at least 1 ½ high school credits. It prepares students for college or to go directly into the job market. We have seen kids change their careers to go into electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, or IT, just by doing our Learn to Solder Activity. Come and find out how exciting electronics is.

Baen BooksBooth 49
Baen is a science fiction and fantasy publisher. We offer an extensive line of parent and teacher guides for YA and YA-appropriate books, including those from best-seller David Weber. Our books frequently reference science and history and are excellent windows into those subjects. We hope to show how Baen’s excellent science fiction and fantasy can be used in the homeschool curriculum or for outside reading. (919) 570-1640,,

Berean Builders/Dr. Jay L. WileBooth 7-8
Berean Builders carries rigorous elementary and college prep science written specifically for homeschool by Dr. Jay L. Wile. Conversational writing and extensive use of household supplies while providing all the laboratory experience expected by college prep students is a hallmark of Dr. Wile’s texts. Extensive free support via textbook website extras and a free answer service pave the way to your student’s success. (765) 287-5157,

Beyond Personal Finance for TeensBooth 11
Beyond Personal Finance is owned by a homeschool mom and semi-retired CPA who wrote a Game of Life and Dave Ramsey personal finance/consumer math curriculum to teach teens the cost of their choices. For middle to high school, alone or in a group, this class is much more than a personal finance class. It is a fun and interactive way to engage the students in their future. In short, this class shows teens that their choices, right now and in the future, will shape their lives.,

BiblioPlanBooth 153
BiblioPlan is a Christian classical history and literature curriculum for grades K-12. It is a teacher-friendly curriculum and is extremely flexible for Christian schools. BiblioPlan incorporates Bible, world and U.S. history and geography, art, memory work and writing in a way that allows students to pull in multi-disciplines. BiblioPlan covers history from ancients to modern in a four-year cycle that can be repeated three times over 12 years. (434) 589-4102,,

Billy Graham LibraryBooth 186
Journey through history with one of the most influential voices of the 20th century. Millions have been impacted by Billy Graham. Now, many more can learn about him and be inspired by his message of God’s love. Through exhibits, films and memorabilia, you’ll relive the historic moments of his life. No matter your age, the Billy Graham Library will leave you inspired by this amazing man and his message of hope. (704) 401-3270,,

BJU Press Homeschool/HomeWorks by PreceptBooth 76-85
BJU Press is a publisher of textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families. We are committed to creating materials that help parents deliver an education that is based on sound educational principles, inspires a joy in learning and is rooted in a solid biblical worldview. BJU Press Homeschool provides complete curriculum for preschool through 12th grade with both traditional textbooks and video courses available.

Bluefield CollegeBooth 217
Bluefield College is a private Christian college in Bluefield, Virginia, offering degrees on campus & online. We offer Early College courses online for high school students for $100 per credit hour. High school students may finish an associate’s degree through our Early College if desired. (276) 326-3682,, 

Blue Tent OnlineBooth 58
Blue Tent is a NC-based online education provider founded by K-12 home educators and staffed by teachers with a connection to the homeschool community. We offer math, science and English classes in a synchronous (live) and asynchronous (text-based) manner to middle school and high school level homeschoolers. Classes include algebra 1 through AP calculus; biology, chemistry and anatomy & physiology; and creative writing, as well as introductory, honors, and AP English. 919-796-2596,,

Bob Jones UniversityBooth 47-48
Bob Jones University is a Christian, regionally accredited, liberal arts university located in Greenville, SC. (800) 252-6363,,

Carolina UniversityBooth 146
Carolina University, formally Piedmont International University, is an established, accredited, private biblical university providing affordable undergraduate, graduate and seminary degrees online and in the classroom. (800) 937-5097,,

Center for Lit (featured speaker Adam Andrews)Booth 163-164
Center for Lit carries curriculum materials, provides teacher training and encouragement for parents in reading comprehension and literature.

Channie’s Visual Learning ResourcesBooth 46
Is your child struggling with their handwriting or math? Channie’s offers a revolutionary visual color-coded approach that eliminates struggles, is easy to teach, and quick to learn! Our guided layout is highly visual and makes learning easy for grades preK-3rd in all curriculum areas. Watch your child’s confidence increase and love for learning grow! (877) 465-0127,,

Charleston Southern UniversityBooth 182
Charleston Southern University is a four-year, Christian university located in Charleston, SC. At CSU, you will learn to think broadly and deeply about ideas, to engage biblical truths that ignite your curiosity, and to ask questions of the world and yourself—all aimed at preparing you to discover your purpose and achieve success in living it out. (843) 863-7050,,

Christian Light EducationBooth 111-112, 123-124
Whether you need a full program or a supplement to your existing curriculum, we offer a complete selection for kindergarten-grade 12, including high school electives. 800-776-0478,,

Classical ConversationsBooth 142-144
Classical Conversations® is here to lead the home-centered education movement by teaching parents and students the classical tools of learning so that they can discover God’s created order and beauty, and as a result, enable others to do the same. We enable parents around the world, in over 2,200 communities, to equip their children, pre K to college with a Christ-centered worldview and the classical “tools of learning” in order to impact the world for God’s glory.,

The Constitution DefenderBooth 75
Who wrote it? Can it be changed? Is it important today? What does impeach mean? Find the answers to these questions and more with Tweety-Pie and The Constitution Defender. Follow the fingerprints of God and explore the true history surrounding the writing of the U.S. Constitution—including: events timeline, biographical sketches, spiritual heritage, full-color, 32 pages, for all ages, full text of the Constitution, overview of all 7 articles. Be a Constitution Defender! (828) 649-1043,

Cornerstone Educational SupplyBooth 36-37
Whether learning from home or in a co-op, we’ve got great science supplies to support your curriculum. Cornerstone is science, faith and fun!

dōTERRA Wellness AdvocateBooth 130
Among many health benefits, essential oils can be used to support a healthy immune system, promote healthy digestion, soothe occasional skin irritations, create feelings of clear airways and more. There are so many possibilities available to you by using doTERRA’s solutions. Living healthy really can be simple. (336) 862-2280,,

Durenda WilsonBooth 214
Durenda Wilson is a wife, mom of 8, nana to 7, and a 25-year veteran homeschooling mom. She is the author of The Unhurried Homeschooler, Unhurried Grace for a Mom’s Heart, and The Four Hour School Day (available June 29). She loves encouraging homeschooling families, helping to bring joy and a sense of calm to their homeschool journeys!

eat2exploreBooth 121
Explore the World, In Your Kitchen—Eat2explore is an award-winning food and culture explorer box inspiring kids and their families to cook, taste and discover different world cuisines and cultures. Our mission is to educate the next generation on the connectivity of food and culture of different countries, and that through food and cooking, children can learn math, science, geography, history and social studies. We provide local favorite recipes with unique spice/sauce mixes. (888) 393-2839,

Edible KnowledgeBooth 219
Developed by a professional food scientist, the Edible Knowledge series of print and self-paced online food science courses teach the science of cooking: the reasons your food becomes what it is. The kitchen-based experiments are easy on your science class materials budget (excess materials can be used for dinner!) and the knowledge gained is useful every day for the rest of your life. We also offer one course that teaches physics using LEGO® bricks. (ages 6 through adults) (888) 363-4999,,

EducateVia360, Inc.Booth 3
Educational virtual field trips are now at your fingertips. Visit 20 different sites including the NC Governor’s Mansion, Grandfather Mountain, Fort Sumter or the National Mall in Washington, DC. Each tour is created using 360 photography and is packed with facts about the location. All text has been narrated, and we will soon be offering tours in both English and Spanish! I want to bring these virtual field trips to the homeschool community. (919) 625-0891

Excel CollegeBooth 59
We foster human flourishing through real-life education. In a world that is changing rapidly, more and more students are leaving college with a 4-year degree but lack the basic skills, character and vision to make a positive difference in the world. That’s why Excel College exists. We have forged a new path through higher education for students to become mature, wise and productive adults who live purposeful, fulfilling lives. (828) 357-7080,

Exploring ExpressionBooth 188
Exploring Expression offers unique products and services designed to help parents and educators raise learners, not just students. Our services include educational consulting, coaching and curriculum development. Our products range from books for both children and adults as well as various types of curriculum and unit studies. At Exploring Expression you can also find our exclusive line of Learning in Style educational jewelry and jewelry kits. (405) 795-4824,,

The Familyman & The Smiling Homeschooler (Todd Wilson)Booth 137-138
Todd Wilson, is a dad, grand dad, writer, conference speaker and former pastor. Todd’s humor and down to earth realness have made him a favorite speaker at homeschool conventions, retreats, and churches across the country. As founder of Familyman Ministries and the Smiling Homeschooler, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through weekly emails, seminars and books and products that encourage parents.,

Frontier Christian AcademyBooth 185
High Schoolers! Does getting high school credit for writing a novel, creating a TV show, programming an economy-predicting app, creating and publishing a board game, actually becoming fluent in a foreign language, or inventing a real-life device and marketing it, sound like a more relevant high school experience? We are online, interactive, a la carte, supplemental and the only high school on the planet where a lifelong resume event is a course requirement for every course!,

Growing Thyme CookingBooth 31
Growing Thyme Cooking, Inc. offers a children’s home-based cooking curriculum that encompasses food preparation, nutrition and food origin. Our mission is to grow healthy little chefs through education, empowerment and experience. The benefits of teaching kids to cook are immense. Kids have more freedom in making healthy food choices if they can prepare the food themselves. Growing Thyme Cooking courses are a perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum.,

Healthier Living with Essential Oils and MoreBooth 175
Our Healthier Outlook—Eight years ago if you would have told me that I was going to be a mom of five and living in North Carolina, I would have told you that you were crazy! My health was not doing well at all. We made a decision to be the CEOs of our health, starting with our spiritual healthy outlook and how God can give us what we need. So ask us how we do it. (480) 235-8852,,

Homeschool ManiaBooth 177-178
Homeschool Mania is the source for high quality homeschool apparel and gifts.,

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)Booth 9
HSLDA is a national organization that advocates for homeschoolers at the local and federal level with the vision of protecting the right of parents to direct the education of their children. In addition to legal support, HSLDA offers homeschool resources for preschool through graduation and access to special needs consultants. (540) 338-5600,,

JAARS Museum of the AlphabetBooth 180
Be transported around the world where new and updated exhibits trace the history of the world’s alphabets, from hieroglyphics to Chinese syllabary. Explore other writing systems such as mathematics and music. JAARS transforms lives by making Bible translation and language development possible in the most remote places on earth by transportation, technology, training and media. Reserve for a tour of JAARS, eat lunch in the dining room, and explore the museum in the afternoon. (704) 843.6066,,

KumonBooth 211
Kumon’s time-tested curriculum helps children develop strong math, reading and writing skills. Lesson plans are individualized for each child, which allows them to advance at their own pace. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, children increase confidence, improve concentration and develop better study skills. Combine Kumon with your homeschool routine and help your child reach their maximum potential!

Lamplighter MinistriesBooth 154, 187
Most people don’t want to settle for worthless entertainment, but they don’t know where to turn. We know how you feel. You deserve an experience you can trust—an experience that makes a difference, now and for eternity. At Lamplighter, we provide rare books and audio dramas that entertain and build Christlike character, through captivating stories with inspiring role models. (888) 246-7735,,

Late November LiteraryBooth 122
Late November Literary is a boutique publisher of clean fiction and nonfiction. Our book categories include: children’s fiction, young adult fiction, Christian fiction, historical fiction and inspirational nonfiction. Find us at our vendor booth or online at (989) 858-6357,

LearningRx of Raleigh & CaryBooth 33
The brain uses a core set of skills to think and learn—they include attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed. If just one of these skills is weak, it can hinder learning, reading, remembering, attention and more. Through 1on1 cognitive skills training, we target each client’s individual weaknesses and strengthen them so they can learn, perform and comprehend better, faster and easier. (919) 232-0090,,

Liberty UniversityBooth 69-70
Located in the heart of Virginia, Liberty University offers over 300 programs of study. We offer online K-12 homeschool courses through our Liberty Online Academy, have an outstanding dual enrollment program, and offer certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees both online and on campus. Stop by our booth to learn more. We are waiving our application fee and have free prizes and giveaways. Come see what it means to train as a champion for Christ. (800) 543-5317,,

Living Water Christian CampBooth 92
Located in the heart of the Carolinas, LWCC provides a peaceful setting away from a troubled world so that each camper and family can take the next spiritual step in their Christian life. Our mission is to help the local church evangelize and disciple their youth and to strengthen their families to be conformed to the image of Christ.,

The Lukeion ProjectBooth 52
Since 2005, The Lukeion Project has been offering live, online classes taught by experienced credentialed educators with a focus on subject mastery. Courses are designed for middle and high school and include 7 levels of Latin and Greek, classical history, classical literature, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, writing, grammar, word roots and more. Since 2008, founders Regan and Amy Barr have been leading history-focused family tours to Italy, Greece and Turkey.,

LuLaRoe with ChariseBooth 25
Come shop LuLaRoe with Charise! Feel the buttery soft leggings that everyone is talking about. We have sizes and styles for the whole family.,

Math U See/Spelling U See (featured speaker Steve Demme)Booth 72-73, 88
Math-U-See, a k-12 math curriculum, uses a unique instructional approach and colorful manipulatives to build understanding for abstract concepts. Spelling You See, our research-based, developmental approach, uses five essential activities to help students become confident spellers.

MAVEN (featured speaker Brett Kunkle)Booth 212
MAVEN exists to help the next generation know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty, all for the cause of Christ, and to equip those who teach and train them—parents, grandparents, youth workers, pastors and educators—to do the same.,

M. H. B. HughesBooth 174
An all-ages novel, 1777 – Danbury on Fire! gives the reader a real-world immersion into small-town life during the American Revolution. Thirteen-year-old Joe Hamilton rushes from dinner to disaster trying to save his family from themselves. All adults in the book are real people, from North Carolina’s favorite former governor, William Tryon, down to the author’s relatives, who rule a tiny Connecticut village with an iron hand.,

Miller Pads & PaperBooth 125-129
Miller Pads & Paper sells a variety of homeschool supplies at great prices. They carry product across all subject fields and are most well-known for their premium quality paper supplies. (608) 375-2181,,

Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial ServicesBooth 2
Modern Woodmen of America is a member-owned fraternal financial services organization. We secure futures with financial guidance and products. We touch lives with fraternalism. Since 1883, Modern Woodmen has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities nationwide.

The Montessori LibraryBooth 197
The Montessori Library is the leading resource for home educators using the Montessori method with their children ages zero to adolescent. Downloadable teaching resources, video demonstrations and much, much more are offered at subscription prices as low as $5 for a month of access. Contact us for a complimentary coupon at

National Christian Forensics and Communications AssociationBooth 17
The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) is dedicated to bringing competitive speech and debate to Christian high schoolers. Our mission is to promote excellence in communications through competitive opportunities where students develop the skills necessary to think critically and communicate effectively in order to address life issues from a biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God.,

NCHEBooth 1
NCHE is the sponsor of the Thrive! Conference. North Carolinians for Home Education was founded in 1984 by homeschool parents in order to protect the right to educate their children at home. NCHE has advanced legislation that has made it easier for families to homeschool. NCHE continues to vigilantly watch our legislature for any threats to homeschooling. We also provide resources for families to make their homeschool journey a rewarding experience.

NCHE Additional SpeakersBooth 206
Conference speakers who do not already have a vendor booth share this booth in order to have a time to sell their product or talk to attendees.

NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC)Booth 140
NCHEAC provides homeschool athletes, ages 11-18, the opportunity to participate on a team similar to what they could experience if they attended a private or public school. Our homeschool teams consist of only homeschooled athletes and are primarily coached by homeschool parents, many of whom have high school and/or college experience. Learn about the sports offered, the different leagues, participating teams and how to start a team.

NC VirtualBooth 4
NC Virtual’s Virtual Advantage program strives to provide quality educational choices to students and their families. The Virtual Advantage is a supplemental program open to homeschool students desiring to take NCVPS courses à la carte while maintaining their homeschool status. Our 150+ courses include 17 Advanced Placement, honors courses, nine world languages and visual arts along with a full catalog of core classes. (919) 513.8550,,

New Growth PressBooth 105-106
New Growth Press is passionate about teaching the good news of the kingdom to the next generation and has created an exclusive line of children and family products for homes, churches, and schools. Each curriculum, family devotional, and book has Jesus as its foundation and focus. Children are drawn to the fun and colorful illustrations and appealing story lines that teach them the Bible and reach young hearts with the lasting truth of the gospel. (336) 378-7775,, 

New Horizons Book LoftBooth 221
New Horizons Book Loft is Western North Carolina’s only homeschool consignment store and learning space. We sell a variety of new and gently used homeschool and educational supplies as well as children’s fiction, puzzles and games in our store in Asheville and on our website. Please stop by our booth to shop and to enter to win our homeschool gift basket. Drawing will be held on Saturday. Happy homeschooling! (828) 484-8078,,

Norwex Independent ConsultantBooth 208
Norwex is a company dedicated to reducing harmful chemicals in our homes. Our core products enable households to clean more easily, more effectively and more efficiently, while using sustainable, reusable products and fostering an awareness of the world around us. We prioritize stewardship of time, health, environment, money and sanity. Come to our booth to learn how to clean 90% of your home with a tried & true cloth and water!

Oak Brook College of LawBooth 155
Oak Brook College of Law offers a four-year juris doctor degree program and a dual enrollment paralegal certificate program. These courses are offered with the flexibility of distance learning and from a biblical and historical worldview. It is the mission and commitment of Oak Brook College of Law to equip individuals who are willing to stand for truth and justice. (559) 650-7755,,

Pansophia DesignsBooth 169
Pansophia Designs has developed a planner that is an indispensable tool for parents of high schoolers who are college-bound. It’s a convenient place to jot down details about your child’s academic life and extracurricular activities as they happen over the four years of high school. It also helps you keep track of details associated with applying for college: passwords, PINs, SAT scores, scholarship applications, letters of recommendation, etc.

Pathway Christian Prep AcademyBooth 205
Pathway Christian Prep Academy is an online k-12 school and offers a k-5 parent-led total homeschool solution. What sets Pathway apart as a virtual school is our consistent live-instruction, biblical integration and our approach with adaptable learning. Our homeschool solution includes modeled video instruction as well as lesson plans, scope and sequence, and an abundance of online learning resources. (972) 360-3277,,

Patrick Henry CollegeBooth 38
The college was founded in 2000 with a vision to preserve America by educating the best and brightest Christian young people to take their place as future leaders of the nation and its culture. Patrick Henry College aims to prepare Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding. (540) 441-8123,,

Pensacola Christian College—Booth 114
Our mission is to promote the cause of Christ by providing a distinctively Christian-traditional, liberal arts education that develops students spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally and socially. Our purpose in both undergraduate and graduate programs is to produce Christian leaders who are knowledgeable, articulate, moral, dedicated to excellence and committed to serving Jesus Christ as they learn to influence the world. (850) 478-8496,,

Pittsburgh Institution of Aeronautics, Myrtle Beach CampusBooth 216
The aviation industry is an exciting field and continues to have a demand for certified aviation professionals. At Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) we look for high school students who may want to pursue a certificate in aviation maintenance or aviation electronics, and as the #1 ranked two-year trade school in the nation by Forbes magazine, we think we are a good choice! Come by our booth and talk to us about our programs and campuses in SC, PA, OH or MD! (843) 238-2700 x2405,,

Positive Action Bible CurriculumBooth 12-13
The Bible is God’s self-revelation, so we write our studies to magnify His majesty, His works and His nature. In each passage we encourage students to look for how God reveals Himself, then delve into context, language, culture and application. We offer comprehensive pre-k to 12 Bible curriculum. (800) 688-3008,,

Puzzles with a PurposeBooth 135
Our puzzles are made of recycled plastics and are designed to stimulate cognitive skills imagination and creativity. They are approximately a 10 inch square frame with 32 pieces (squares, diamonds and triangles) which can be rearranged into at least 80 different colorful designs! (910) 528-8186

Raising Real MenBooth 147-148
Raising Real men has resources for making biblical family life practical—books, audio, craft kits and gear.,

RaleighChess.comBooth 198
Anyone can learn to play chess! Stop by our booth to learn the basics, engage in friendly play and to meet new opponents to play.

Richard Morrison WritingBooth 56
Do your teenagers understand the value of money? Do they know how to budget, track their cash flow, improve their net worth and avoid financial traps? In June 2019, NC passed a law requiring public school students to pass a financial literacy course because alarming numbers of today’s young adults are drowning in debt. Plant and Grow Your Money: A Financial Guide for Young Adults is the resource you need to help teach your teens how to successfully manage money. (910) 367-5207,,

RightStart MathematicsBooth 45
RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience. The program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, to help children understand, apply and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards. (888) 272-3291,,

Robotics & Programming Camps, Classes & CurriculumBooth 103
Our robotics & programming STEM classes are offered online, self-paced & instructor-led for grades 4-12. Classes are hands-on, fun & taught in a non-intimidating way that gets kids excited about technology. Our goal is to build confidence in computer science & engineering fields. In class, we work with hardware & software so that students understand the full spectrum of how technology gadgets are built and operate. We offer 3 levels of classes + an extra soldering project. (828) 551-0750,,

Rod and Staff PublishersBooth 202-204
Rod & Staff a conservation Anabaptist publisher, has been producing Bible based curriculum since 1958. We also publish activity books, coloring books and character-building storybooks for all ages. Take advantage of 10% discount on Rod & Staff curriculum at convention. (540) 810-4904

Salem Pregnancy Care CenterBooth 190
Salem Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit organization that has been helping women and families in Winston-Salem for the past 35 years. We can provide an opportunity for those looking for a place to volunteer and serve the community. Our services are free, and we help women who need free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, maternity clothing, diapers, parenting classes and so much more. We also provide sexual integrity classes.,

Simply Charlotte MasonBooth 39-42
Simply Charlotte Mason has enjoyable curriculum, living books and enriching fine arts for a Charlotte Mason-style education.

Solomon’s SecretsBooth 194-195
Products include: Focus on the Family’s Odyssey audio CDs, Your Story Hour CDs, Jonathan Park CDs, GA Henty dramatization CDs, a variety of Who, What, Where bios and imagination story books, and a variety of other science/history readers. All are at very competitive prices!

Sonlight CurriculumBooth 61-66
Experience education the way you wish you’d been taught using literature. Save time, save money, build relationships and change the world: Preschool through high school, complete Christian homeschool curriculum. You’re guaranteed to love it! (800) 903-1675,, 903-1675,,

Southeastern University Carolina CampusBooth 113
SEU Carolina is your Christ-centered partner in higher education. Whether online or in the classroom, students enrolled in a degree program with us will get the opportunity to explore their unique calling, advance their knowledge and unleash their potential. Although we are affiliated with the Assemblies of God and rooted in a Pentecostal tradition, we are proud to be a welcoming community for students from all Christian backgrounds and denominations. (704) 985-3597,,

The Struggling ReaderBooth 18
The Struggling Reader provides real help for all children learning to read but especially those who may be struggling. Guided by the landmark National Reading Panel report and current research, these materials were developed by reading specialists who homeschool their own children.,

Student CareerPath Planning ProgramBooth 50
The Student CareerPath Planning Program provides resources to help students make mindful decisions about their professional future. The program is a dynamic online curriculum with available coaching and parent resources. From personality discovery and emotional intelligence development tools to resume and interview skills, over 25 topics have been carefully curated for students and parents to facilitate the challenging road to the future.,

Take Time for ArtBooth 44
Take Time for Art is a video streaming art curriculum that integrates history with art history and hands-on art projects. Our video streaming courses tell the story of history with beautiful images of the art and culture of the time period. Then, we do art projects based on the story of history and art that we see. Plus, we have wonderful art materials packs that include almost everything you need. And did we say fun? Come by our booth for more information and special pricing. (919) 998-6652,,

Teaching TextbooksBooth 29-30
Teaching Textbooks was founded by two brothers, Shawn and Greg Sabouri (a Harvard graduate and former Harvard math tutor). The two realized that software could be used to make math instruction better, easier and more affordable. Today, the company produces a whole range of math programs that enable students to learn from top-notch tutors while in the comfort of their homes. To view a current selection of Teaching Textbook products, please visit our booth or our website. (866) 867-6284,,

Thales CollegeBooth161
Thales College is a new classical college in Raleigh, NC that provides students a liberal arts and professional education to give them the wisdom they need to thrive in life and work. (919) 270-9517,,

Thrivent – Kristi Johnsen, CPA, BFA, CLTC, FICBooth 210
Kristi Johnsen is a financial associate with Thrivent. With over 30 years of tax strategy experience and 18 years of homeschooling, I know that having a financial plan is important and does not have to be complicated to be effective. A full service financial services company, Thrivent is unique in that it is a member based company of Christians. At Thrivent, we believe that money is a tool, not a goal, and we want to help our members live a generous life. (336) 203-7112,,

UnboundBooth 170
Conventional education keeps students at their desks, actively undermines their faith in Christ, and forces most to start their life in debt. A real alternative is desperately needed. At Unbound, we provide you with the tools, community and experiences that enable you to live an extraordinary life for Christ—and you can earn an accredited bachelor’s degree at the same time. (540) 277-3138,,

Uncle Rocky – FiremanBooth 86
Uncle Rocky, Fireman is a series of children’s picture books (ages 3-7) about firemen, police officers and EMTs who protect and serve their community—ideal for dads and boys to read and act out together. They teach public service and, through the trademark phrase, “Glad to do it!” model humility when praised.,

Union Gospel PressBooth 53-54
Union Gospel Press was started in 1895 to distribute Bible materials to reach people in communities beyond the church and encourage those to receive Jesus as their personal Savior. It now operates with the mission of serving the church and its families. We are excited to release Illuminate Bible series, a daily Bible curriculum for grades 1-12 that leads children in an in-depth discovery of God’s truth. (800) 638-9988,,

U.S. Army RecruitingBooth 55, 71
U.S. Army Recruiting will have a recruiter available to answer any questions you may have about the U.S. Army and the Army Reserves. They will be able to provide information on career options, training and education, benefits and other opportunities. They can also explain all the requirements and expectations for the enlistment process. (919) 600-5584,,

Usborne Books & MoreBooth 5-6
Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging and educational books on the market today. They are high-quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated and best of all, they are the books kids love to read. Choose from over 1,800 bright, colorful and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects.,

Virginia Soaps & ScentsBooth 101-102
We are the Spargur family, a veteran homeschool family of 11. Since 2007, we have been creating an entire line of completely handcrafted bath and body products including, soaps, lotions, hair care, skin care, salts, scrubs, natural deodorants, cleaning and laundry products.,

Visit NC SmokiesBooth 104
The Haywood County TDA, known as Visit NC Smokies, promotes tourism in Haywood County, NC. We represent the mountain towns of Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, Canton & Clyde. With 46 of the most scenic miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Cataloochee Ski Area and Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum there is so much to see and do. 828-944-0762,,