We help parents homeschool with confidence and joy.

Protecting your right to homeschool in North Carolina
Equipping you with the information and encouragement you need Connecting you with other families and groups across the state

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You can support home education in NC by donating to North Carolinians for Home Education.

We help parents homeschool with confidence and joy by protecting their rights, equipping them with information and encouragement, and connecting them with other families and groups.

  • If you give 25 dollars, you will help us hand deliver 75 GREENHOUSE Magazines to NC legislators to make sure they are aware of homeschoolers in NC.
  • If you give 50 dollars, you will help us send a single parent to the Thrive! Homeschool Conference on scholarship.
  • If you give 100 dollars, you can help provide refreshments at our Summit Conference for teaching exceptional children.
  • If you give 1000 dollars, you can help us bring one of our excellent speakers to the Thrive! Conference.
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