Below are links to the current North Carolinians for Home Education bylaws and the proposed revision. Because the revision resulted in a lot of rearrangement, there is a summary of the changes that are being proposed. These revisions are supported by the board of directors. Please enter your vote at the bottom of this page.

Summary of the Proposed Changes.

  • Preamble: We added some text from the previous vision.
  • Article I: No changes,
  • Article II:

o   Moved the vision (with slight rewording) to the preamble

o   Mission was renumbered; it was Article III).

  • Article III: Core values were simplified down to four values. Some of the text was moved to the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Article IV: (was V) Membership – Identified two classes of membership and their related benefits.  (Explanation: Years ago we changed our Articles of Incorporation to include two classes of membership so that we could have out-of-state members who didn’t have all of the same rights as in-state members. However, it is not in the bylaws. We needed to define the two classes.) We clarified the rights of the different classes.
  • Article V: (was VI) Board

o   Noted that voting board members are directors. (Explanation: Because of the fiduciary duties and liabilities of “board members,” we felt it was better to clarify that it is the directors, who have voting privileges, who fall in this category.)

o   There are four officers (executive director, president, secretary, and treasurer). (Explanation: This was needed for filing our IRS 990 form.)

o   Made allowance for donors to be elected to the board, as well as members.

o   Board meeting section now aligns better to current practice and allows for virtual meetings to take place.

o   Start of NCHE year was identified for the years when there is no conference.

  • Article VI: Added definitions and qualifications for our liaisons and the athletic commissioner. (Explanation: This was missing in the previous bylaws.)
  • Article VII: Was expanded and renamed to cover election of liaisons and the athletic commissioner in addition to the board members and revised the method to match the process that has been utilized.
  • Article VIII:

o   Removed director job descriptions and committee/commission descriptions to reduce redundancy with the Policy and Procedures

o   Added the chair of each committee.

  • Article IX:

o   Liaison information was moved to Articles VI and VII.

o   Stated that additional guidelines are provided in the Policies and Procedures Manual. (Explanation: There was nothing about the Policies and Procedures Manual in the current bylaws.)

  • Article X:

o   Committee list moved to Article VIII with details provided in Policies and Procedures Manual.

o   Replaces Articles XI and XII on amending the bylaws. Requires a two-thirds vote of all voting board members (previously two-thirds of those present) to amend bylaws (no vote required from members).


One vote per NCHE member family