Conflict creates heartache for both student and teacher. Is every day a battle? Has it become a struggle of wills? While there are no magic formulas, veteran Steve Lambert offers some ideas to help you and your student forge a positive relationship where learning can flourish and you enjoy one another’s company. Steve and his wife began homeschooling 35 years ago and he brings the freedom that comes with age and perspective. You’ll find hope for the journey and ideas for your daily routine. Learn to make homeschooling the joyous experience you dreamed it could be. 

Steve Lambert and his wife, Jane, have been married fifty-two years and have two daughters and six grandchildren. They began homeschooling in 1981, and today all six of their grandchildren are also being homeschooled. Jane Claire Lambert wrote the award-winning curriculum "Five in a Row" and together they have been traveling the country and encouraging homeschoolers for more than twenty years. Each year Steve speaks to thousands of homeschoolers offering the perspective, wisdom and insight that comes from nearly forty years in the homeschooling field. Steve's mixture of inspiration and information will leave you better prepared for the wonderful adventure we call homeschooling. Without PowerPoint presentations or thick handouts, Steve simply shares from his heart, telling stories that will have you laughing and crying and thankful for the priceless gift you've been given: the privilege of teaching your own children with faith and confidence.