In this workshop, Michael and Amanda Wares will share the story of their homeschooling journey and how Michael went from being anti-homeschooling to Amanda’s biggest source of support and help. They will also offer advice on what to do if: a) Dad is completely against homeschooling, b) He will allow it but isn’t very excited about it, or c) He is supportive, but doesn’t offer help.

Michael and Amanda Wares have been on the NCHE board for seven years, serving as region 5 directors, activities director and currently homeschool helps director. They make their home in Greensboro, where Michael owns a cold-storage warehouse, and Amanda homeschools their four busy children! Susannah, twenty, is their first homeschool graduate and is a full-time employee and student. The three children at home are Killian, fifteen, Katrielle, thirteen, and Deacon, seven. This is the Wares' twelfth year homeschooling. Michael's background is in computer engineering, and Amanda was a sign language interpreter. Now, she enjoys teaching sign language at their local homeschool enrichment classes. Amanda is also passionate about encouraging new homeschool moms.

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