This week, as I was giving my son a haircut on our front porch, I had an epiphany.

While I was trimming, we were talking about when his dad and I were his age. That’s when it occurred to me: both my husband and my sister homeschooled for just one year. Of course I knew these facts separately, but I had never made that connection in my mind. The idea that homeschooling for a single year had been so beneficial to their educational and emotional development really resonated with me.

They came from different socio-economic classes. They were different genders. While my husband had attended private Christian schools before homeschooling, my sister had attended public schools. My husband was a struggling reader, but my sister was academically gifted. Yet they both needed a break. And for both of them, the year that they homeschooled was necessary to recalibrate. It was a time to recover from a hard year. It was a time to draw closer to their friends and family. It was when they became more independent and confident. To this day, my parents, my in-laws, my husband, and my sister look back on “that crazy year we homeschooled” with amazing memories and tons of laughter!

So my question for you is this: what is stopping you from giving homeschooling a chance for just one year?

This time next year, you may find that homeschool is the perfect educational option for your family long-term, or you may find that it was the perfect fit for your family for a season. Either way, homeschool immersion may be just what your family needs to move from floundering to flourishing. So what if 2020 wasn’t just “that crazy year that we didn’t have any toilet paper?” What if 2020 is “that crazy year that our family took a leap of faith and started our wonderful homeschool journey?”

What do you think? Could taking this approach be just what you needed to give homeschooling a chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.