Conferentie-opnamen 2021

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Interessecodes voor gesprekken
G: Algemeen belang voor alle ouders
B: Beginners en nieuwsgierigen
L: Ouders van worstelende leerlingen
Y: Ouders van jonge kinderen van kleuterschool tot vroege basisschool
O: Ouders van oudere basisschoolleeftijd (kan ook middelbare school zijn)
P: Ouders van tieners (en mogelijk tieners)
D: Vaders
M: Moeders
T: Tieners en alumni
Code Spreker Overleg titel
G Adam Andrews The 7 Laws of Teaching and Other Myths
G Adam Andrews Piece of (Thunder) Cake: A Solution to Homeschooling’s Crucial Dilemma
G Adam Andrews Building the Perfect Reading List: How to Find Great Books for Students of All Ages
G Adam Andrews Uw eigen verlichte programma ontwerpen: een workshop over reikwijdte en volgorde
G Adam Andrews Living Books: implementatie van het ultieme boxset-curriculum
G Adam Andrews Teaching with Grace: An Unlikely Path to Success in Your Homeschool
G Adam Andrews Education in an Hour: Teaching Life’s Most Crucial Lesson in 1 Sitting
M Missy Andrews After Apple Picking: Conclusions, Confessions and Callings
Y Missy Andrews Lit for Littles: Making Reading
G Missy Andrews The Wardrobe Door: A Way into Worlds
G Janice Broyles Grammar Matters!
G Janice Broyles Journaling Counts as Writing!
G Jeremy en Kylie Cochran Finding Hope after Trauma Finds You
G Jeremy en Kylie Cochran Thriving in the Homeschool Lifestyle
L Steve Demme Raising a Special Needs Child and Finding Support for the Journey
G Steve Demme Ouders zijn bij uitstek geschikt om hun kinderen te onderwijzen en tot discipelen te maken
D Steve Demme Tips for Being a Faithful Dad and Supportive Husband
G Steve Demme Hands-on workshop succesvolle gezinscommunicatie
G Steve Demme Fear Not! You and Your Children Can Learn Math Together
T Steve Demme Slaying Lions
G, T Katie Dugdale & Marji McIlvaine What’s in Your Hand? Starting a Micro-business for Teens & Adults
B, Y Katie Dugdale Getting Started with Preschool
O Katie Dugdale Middle Schoolers Are Weird, and I Love Them!
L,, Y, O Kristen Eckenwiler Teaching Reading May Not Be as Easy as You Think
L, Y, O Kristen Eckenwiler What if Your Child Is the Fish that Can’t Climb the Tree?
L Kristen Eckenwiler Learning Challenges? Dyslexia? Delays? Uncovering What’s Going On
G Kristen Eckenwiler Understanding Multi-sensory Teaching and How to use this Powerful Teaching Method
Y, O, L Kristen Eckenwiler Strategies to Teach Reading to All Learning Styles
G Jessica Embry Hoogbegaafd onderwijs
O, P, T Jessica Embry Homeschool High School Workshop for Parents and Teens
G Jeff Ertzberger Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as Teaching Tools
G Jeff Ertzberger Google Tools for Home Educators and Co-Ops
D Mark Vos Family Devotions Is a Cornerstone
D Mark Vos Dads Who Lead
G Amanda Garner Through Deep Waters
B Amanda Garner Myth Busting 101
T Victoria Grant Get Back Up: Resiliency and Failure
G Tom Gurganus What Is the Gameschooling Thing Anyway?
Y, O Debra Haagen Historische fictie gebruiken om geschiedenis te leren
G Debra Haagen Homeschooling in the Military
B Andrea hal Start Strong: How to Start the Homeschool Year Right
G Andrea hal How to Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum
M Andrea hal Working Homeschool Moms: How You Can Be a Working Mom Pro
G Andrea hal Real World Math for Homeschoolers
G Andrea hal 10 Principles of True Education
T Brett Kunkle How Your Worldview Matters for Every Single Area of Your Life
T Brett Kunkle Why I Am a Christian: An Introduction to Apologetics
G Brett Kunkle A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World
T Brett Kunkle True for You but Not for Me?
T Brett Kunkle If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil & Suffering?
T Brett Kunkle Like Me, Follow Me: How Social Media Influences Your Heart and Mind
T Brett Kunkle Waarheid en liefde: wat zeg ik tegen mijn homovriend?
G Ronda Marshall Secrets of Endurance: Successful Co-ops and Tutorials
G Ronda Marshall Teaching More than One (or Multi-level Teaching)
P Debbie Mason Middelbare school thuisonderwijs
P Debbie Mason Voorbereiding op de universiteit
M Dana McDill Choosing Rest in the Midst of Homeschooling
P, T Matthew McDill Equip Children for Life with 3 Critical S
P, T Matthew McDill How to Help Your Children Discover God’s Plan for Their Lives
G, T Marji McIlvaine & Katie Dugdale What’s in Your Hand? Starting a Micro-business for Teens & Adults
P, T Marji McIlvaine Online Instruction: Explosion in E-Learning in These Covid Times
G Marji McIlvaine Staying Home to Homeschool—What a Concept! Must We Outsource?
G Jerome McQueen Connecting STEM Concepts to the Real World
G, T Daniëlle Papageorgiou Lifeschooling: Homeschooling for the YouEconomy!
P, T Marcus Ross Walking in Athens: A Creationist’s Odyssey in Geological Education
T, G Craig Seibert Christian Citizenship 1: The 4 Structures of a Healthy Society
T, G Craig Seibert Christian Citizenship 2: The Keys to Understanding the Declaration and Constitution
T, G Craig Seibert Christian Citizenship 3: Engaging the Culture with Salt, Light & Courage
B Amanda Waren Help! I’m New! Now What Do I Do?
B Amanda Waren The Girlfriend’s Guide to Choosing Curriculum
P Pat Wesolowski Help! My Student’s Interests Are All Over the Place!
P, T Pat Wesolowski The Struggle Is Real!
Y Durenda Wilson Thuisonderwijs zonder haast: K-2e leerjaar
Y, O Durenda Wilson Klusjes: waarom ze essentieel zijn bij thuisonderwijs
G Durenda Wilson Sustainable Homeschooling
G Durenda Wilson Homeschooling Boys: wat hebben ze echt nodig?
G Durenda Wilson Creating a Family Schedule
G Durenda Wilson Nurturing Sibling Relationships
G Todd Wilson Invasion of the Conviction Snatchers
G Todd Wilson Leugens Homeschoolers geloven
D Todd Wilson Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom
G Todd Wilson Fostering a Hate of Learning
G Todd Wilson Priority Homeschooling
G Todd Wilson How to Choose Relationship when There’s So Much to Do
G Todd Wilson An Unbeatable Homeschool Team
O, P Hal & Melanie Young No Longer Little and Not Quite Teens
L, P Hal & Melanie Young Struggling Learners in High School and College
G Hal & Melanie Young Boys and Media
G Hal & Melanie Young Relax Your Homeschool for Academic Success