9 Apr 2013

The 2013 NCHE Athletic Commission Basketball Championships were played in February. February 15-16 the eastern regional took place in Wake Forest, while the western regional was in Winston-Salem. The top two teams in each division advanced to the state final four at Greensboro College on February 22-23.

The eastern regional final results are:

Middle school girls: 1) Wake Forest, 2) North Wake, 3) Durham, 4) South Wake.

Middle school boys: 1) South Wake, 2) Goldsboro, 3) (tie) North Wake and Wake Forest, 5) Durham, 6) Raleigh.

JV girls: 1) Wake Forest, 2) Goldsboro, 3) Harnett.

JV boys: 1) South Wake, 2) Wake Forest, 3) (tie) Durham and East Wake, 5) Alamance.

Varsity girls: 1) Durham, 2) North Wake, 3) Wake Forest.

Varsity boys: 1) Raleigh, 2) Durham, 3) (tie) South Wake and Wake Forest, 5) Goldsboro, 6) (tie) Harnett and North Wake.


The western regional final results are:

Middle school boys: 1) Cabarrus, 2) Asheville, 3) Forsyth, 3) High Point.

JV boys: 1) Asheville, 2) Forsyth, 3) High Point, 4) Surry.

Varsity girls: 1) Cabarrus, 2) Surry, 3) Asheville, 4) Greensboro, 5) Hickory, 6) High Point.

Varsity boys: 1) Asheville, 2) Cabarrus, 3) Greensboro, 4) Hickory.


To find information on eastern and western regional all-tournament teams, go to www.ncheac.com and click on basketball league.

At the state championship tournament, the Raleigh Hawks claimed the varsity boys division over the Asheville Trailblazers 58-46. They were led in scoring by Sean Finneran with 25 points and Hunter Ellis with 12 points. The varsity girls champions are the Cabarrus Stallions who won the varsity girls division 48-38 over the Durham Flight and were led in scoring by Kaitlyn Holm with 14 points and eleven rebounds, while Lindsey Olson chipped in 11 points.

Raleigh Hawks—From left to right: Coach Matt Finneran II, Head Coach Matt Finneran, Coach Brandon Green, Joel Hargett, Hunter Ellis, Sean Finneran, Will Basden, Danny Barnette, Reid Blanchard, Jessie Romeo, Chris Barnette, John Stoffregen, Isaac Green

Cabarrus Stallions—Kneeling left to right: Haley Long, Grace Potter Standing left to right: Asst. Coach Phil Long, Hope Seager, Storm Lewis, Alayna Long, Karley Long, Anna Messisco, Lindsey Olson, Kara Kiker, Kaitlyn Holm, Head Coach Sherri Holm

The division winners are:

Middle school girls: 1) Greensboro, 2) Durham, 3) North Wake, 4) Wake Forest.

Middle school boys: 1) South Wake, 2) Cabarrus, 3) Goldsboro, 4) Asheville.

JV girls: 1) Goldsboro, 2) Wake Forest, 3) Greensboro, 4) forfeit.

JV boys: 1) Asheville, 2) Forsyth, 3) South Wake, 4) Wake Forest.

Varsity girls: 1) Cabarrus, 2) Durham, 3) North Wake, 4) Surry.

Varsity boys: 1) Raleigh, 2) Asheville, 3) Cabarrus, 4) Durham.

The all-tournament team members are:

Middle school girls: Megan Grant, Greensboro; Ashton Hamlett, Greensboro; Emma Privette, Greensboro; Hannah Geerts, Durham; Tirza Loyd, Durham; Brittany Stone, North Wake; Gabrielle Brown, Wake Forest.

Middle school boys: Mason Mclean, South Wake; Noah Wilson, South Wake; Blake Pierce, South Wake; Raeshawn Sutherland, Cabarrus; Bailey Benham, Cabarrus; Matt Poland, Goldsboro; Samuel Rennard, Asheville.

JV girls: Kaler Hunter, Goldsboro; Rebecca Edmundson, Goldsboro; McKayla Parks, Goldsboro; Sarah Floyd, Wake Forest; Jaeda Jennings, Wake Forest; Tia McCutcheon, Greensboro.

JV boys: Holder Mills, Asheville; Paul Rennard, Asheville; Bryson Buckner, Asheville; Paiden Hutchens, Forsyth; Tyler Cox, Forsyth; Jacob Mauthe, South Wake; Jason Herbert, Wake Forest.

Varsity girls: Kaitlyn Holm, Cabarrus; Linsey Olson, Cabarrus; Grace Potter, Cabarrus; Rebecca Lobach, Durham; Stormi Abnernathy, Durham; Hannah McDonald, North Wake; Jessica Boyd, Surry.

Varsity boys: Sean Finneran, Raleigh; Daniel Barnette, Raleigh; Hunter Ellis, Raleigh; Mark Page, Asheville; Will Rennard, Asheville; Randy Hanson, Cabarrus; Carrson Oakley, Durham.