You have a child who does what you ask and sails through life—easy. You have another child who causes you to pull your hair out, stay up late at night worrying and asking God, “WHY?!” Absolutely everyone’s advice backfires and doesn’t work with this child. But what if you understood this challenging child’s heart and brain from the inside out? You don’t want to crush his spirit or create more defiance. Instead of constantly creating power struggles, you can learn how to enjoy a respectful, motivated child who is confident, persistent and purposeful.

커크 마틴 is the founder of, host of Calm Parenting Podcast, and homeschooling father. He has shown almost 1,000,000 parents how to stop the yelling, defiance and power struggles with the most strong-willed children. Kirk is known for very practical strategies and scripts delivered with humor and compassion. Learn how to get your kids to listen the first time while building a close, trusting relationship.

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