July Member Special – Finding Joy in Science Package

science video member giveaway

Welcome, NCHE Member,

We are always excited to offer our members special content and this month is no exception.  You can download and enjoy a fun set of science videos and worksheets for FREE!

This month NCHE welcomes Bradey Shirley, a Girl Scout working on her Gold Award.  Her project includes a series of science videos and worksheets that she has created and is excited to share with our member families.

Here’s what Bradey had to say, “Hey, I’m Bradey Shirley, a Girl Scout looking to earn her Gold Award. My mission is to help spread the joy of science. I’d appreciate your help! I am tracking my progress by views on the videos, responses on the surveys, or pictures of the experiment you did sent to bpshirleyscience@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy!”


The first step is to complete this survey:

Pre-Survey (The survey you do before you watch the videos). 

Next, download the worksheets for each video: 


Then watch these fun videos below.

Finally, please complete this Post-Survey (To see what you learned!):

Post-Survey (The survey you do after you watch the videos).