I’m a fan of leftovers.  Most things taste better to me after the flavors have had a while to blend.  I was standing over my dinner when it occurred to me that lately my husband and I had been fueled by a lot of leftovers.

Errands, grocery stores, volleyball practice, laundry and talking with each other with whatever time was leftover.

Mid-summer growth spurts, teenage meltdowns, piano practice, and talking to each other with whatever mental energy was leftover.

Church commitments, homeschool… you get it.  So I changed course. Teacher work day, friends!  I am going to refill my tank today. Who’s with me?  Here’s today’s lesson plan:

  • Turn my phone off for 2 hours.
  • Read 1 magazine that is just for fun—not homeschooling, not personal development, just frivolous. (It was a cooking magazine.)
  • Watch a 30-minute mom show (I chose an old rerun of The Middle.)
  • Eat a snack, beginning to end… and share it with no one! (It was iced coffee & chocolate.)
  • Thank my husband for picking up take-out… and have a fully recharged conversation with him.

What’s your plan to stay refueled this school year?  Tell us in the comments below!