Graduate Recognition SampleGREENHOUSE Graduate Recognition

The GREENHOUSE Graduate Issue is the way that NCHE has been acknowledging homeschool graduates in our state magazine since the early 1990s. We are pleased to continue this tradition by publishing an issue dedicated to our graduates, the GREENHOUSE Graduate issue. The basic way to be included is to submit a paragraph of 450 characters or less and a head shot for $20. If you would like to submit a longer paragraph, you can choose this option of up to 600 characters for a fee of $52 or up to 750 characters for a fee of $82.

The recognition paragraph/bio must start with the graduate’s name, and it is recommended that your first sentence follow a form similar to: Graduate’s name, son/daughter of Parent(s) Name(s) of City, graduates after homeschooling for # years.

As an NCHE member, you will receive a copy of this special graduate issue. If you would like extra copies, you will need to order copies of this special Graduate issue.

If you have any questions about the bio or head shot, contact Debbie Mason at