When I was growing up, my parents were the recipients of many gift baskets.  Summer sausages, fancy jams, you name it. It was so exciting to see these tiny, delectable treats!  My favorite were the chocolate toffees. We would eat a little here and there to make them last longer.

But the unpardonable sin, the absolute worst thing that could happen was for fancy food to get moldy or expire before we ate them.  It was so painful to find an out of date box of gourmet jalapeño cheese straws, knowing that they were wasting away in the back of the pantry while we ate… saltines!

Ours probably wasn’t the only family who saved “the good stuff” for special occasions, for company, or even hard times.  Why do we do this? Why do we hold on to curriculum that didn’t work for us instead of passing it on to another family?

Maybe we think we’re being good stewards by not prematurely tossing expensive curriculum.  Maybe it stems from fear (like throwing away old baseball cards that would be worth thousands.)  But at its core, I think hanging on to “the good stuff” stems from unbelief. Somehow, we really don’t believe that God will provide for us again in the future.  

The Lord tells us that He loves cheerful giving!  Generosity is an opportunity to demonstrate a living faith.  It is proof of our gratitude to God for His providence, and our belief in God’s plan to never leave or forsake us.  So use Grandma’s china, set out the fancy jam, and give away unused curriculum on the homeschool swap board!  I guarantee you, you can’t out-give God!