Stuck in a rut? It happens to everyone. Here are 4 tips to turn that rut into a new groove!

  1. CHANGE IT UP.  Enjoy a change of scenery by literally going someplace else. A local hiking trail is my go-to place. It never fails to inspire me. Not your jam? My friend Christy goes to an urban park where she can be alone in the middle of the hustle. Being immersed in the concrete jungle refuels her. 
  2. GIVE IT UP.  Pray. Write in your journal. Call your BFF and vent. Pray some more. Confession is for your soul what Mari Kondo is for your home: purging of clutter you’ve accumulated. Whether emotional or material, letting go is cathartic. 
  3. SHAKE IT UP.  Run. Dance. Jump rope. Play tag with your kids. In other words: get moving. Endorphins are real, and they have the potential to reinvigorate us when we’re tired. 
  4. SWITCH IT UP.  Years ago, my friend Shannon invited every woman she knew to a swap meet at her house. We brought accessories, shoes, home goods, and gently loved clothes that we no longer used but couldn’t bring ourselves to let go of.  Then we swapped, tried on clothes, drank coffee, and laughed (and took home one another’s old throw pillows.) Even if you do a swap in your own home (moving furniture and rugs to different rooms) it’s often an exciting way to get your groove back!

Did you try one of these? Use the comment section below to tell us how it went!