NCHE Generation Joshua Network: CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

NCHE is partnering with Generation Joshua (Gen J), an organization initiated by HSLDA, with the purpose of training youth to be effective, well-rounded citizens for Christ, to equip them with the tools necessary to preserve liberty and promote self government, and to assist them in impacting their local communities, states, and nation.

The Gen J Network has two aspects.  Families and students can participate in either one or both:  Gen J Clubs and Gen J Intensives.

Generation Joshua Intensives

A Gen J Intensive is a 2-day simulation that gives students a crash course in different aspects of politics and government.  The simulations are designed to take government and turn it into a full scale interactive learning process that engages the students on multiple levels. Students get to take on characters and roles and learn by actually doing things. Each Intensive is unique in its content and subject matter. All of them are designed to have limited amounts of lecture and large amounts of hands-on practicum. They are each designed to teach young people the basics of government and civic responsibility in an exciting and engaging way that brings it to life before their eyes.


Generation Joshua Clubs

Gen J Clubs support and supplement civics and government education provided by students’ parents and school by offering such things as visits to local legislative, judicial, or governmental facilities; bringing in public servants to speak to the students about the various levels of government, the different roles of government, and ways that citizens can become involved; prayer for our nation, current events discussion from a biblical worldview, and opportunities to engage in the political process.  Clubs are designed for middle and high school students.  Clubs meet once per month; meeting schedules vary depending upon the needs of the club. Local club membership is free.

If you want additional information, want to find a club near you, or may be interested in assisting or starting a club, please click here.

Additionally, on-line distance learning courses on topics such as The Founding Fathers, The Constitutional Convention, and Democracy in America, among others are available at no cost as part of the benefits that come with family membership to national Generation Joshua. To find out more about national membership, click here. To find out more about the on-line classes, click here.


Current Gen J Intensives and Clubs are on hold due to COVID-19.

Questions?  Contact NCHE Activities Director Evelyn Bickley at