Alum League

NCHE’s name was carefully chosen to show that we are North Carolinians for Home Education. Our name is not North Carolina Home Educators. So, if you are a homeschool alum who is for home education, this is the group for you. Many homeschool graduates grow up in the homeschool community until they graduate from high school, and then they feel that they are no longer a part of this community. NCHE wants to be a community for homeschool alums as well as retired homeschool parents.

NCHE’s mission has always been to help the homeschoolers in NC succeed. We believe that the presence and participation of homeschool alums would help homeschoolers across the state. There are several areas in which we see how our homeschool alums could aid us in our mission. It may be as small as giving us your input or as large as helping out at the conference.

If you loved homeschooling and would like to help the mission of NCHE, we would like to connect with you! We will put you on an email list that will just be used for communication to our alums. Contact us at and give us your name, email address, and phone number, and we will put you on the list!

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