Math can bring out the worst in the best of students. It can undermine our confidence at any age! In this new age of digital learning, parents are discovering that their outwardly successful students are struggling. How do you evaluate math anxiety, fill gaps and reach grade-level proficiency quickly? This workshop will benefit any age learner but will be particularly helpful to parents of middle and high school level math students.

Gretchen Roe has 21 years of home education experience with her six children, five of whom are now college graduates. With a degree in psychology and child development, she has spent the last 26 years in positions of homeschool advocacy, having a special bond with families of children who have to work harder to learn. A former business owner, she has served on a variety of nonprofit boards. A placement specialist with Demme Learning since 2014, Gretchen now serves as the company’s community relations coordinator. She loves the outdoors, all things furry, chicken raising, beekeeping and is a second degree Taekwondo Black Belt.

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