Did you know that Monopoly is not the most popular game in the world? In this workshop you will discover the wonderful, expansive world of board and card games and how you can use them to enhance your child’s learning experience. We will survey a number of games and how you can use them to introduce more fun into your classroom.

Tom Gurganus and his wife have been homeschooling for about 23 years. They have graduated two and have more finishing this year. An avid board gamer and game designer, Tom has been connected with the board game community for 11 years through his blog and podcast, Go Forth and Game. Recently he started an effort with his best friend, Ryan Sanders, called Adventures in Gameschooling. Ryan is a homeschool dad of five and is also a board gamer and uses games to help him teach. Adventures in Gameschooling is their way of bringing the joy of gaming to the homeschool community.

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