This talk will discuss ways to discipline your children and to nurture their God-given gifts without crushing their spirit. Practical ways to deal with sibling rivalry, misbehavior, stubbornness, anger, etc., will be discussed from a biblical and child development model. Sometimes family dynamics can hinder our homeschooling efforts.

Derek and Cheryl Carter are homeschool parents of five and leaders in the New York area. Cheryl is a busy homeschooling mother, author, speaker and a college professor. She is the author of several books including Organize Your Life, Essential Writing Skills for the College Bound Student, Inspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child. She blogs regularly on issues of clarity in written communication, college admissions and the family. She has a BA in English, an MFA in writing and has done graduate study in special education and college admissions. Cheryl’s curriculum and writing classes focus on equipping students with the vital skills for lifetime communication success. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in writing. She also serves on the HSLDA Compassion board. Derek is the visionary leader of Intentional Dad™. He believes all dads need to strive to be intentional and connect with their children. He is the administrative director of the Strong Fathers in Queens, NY. Derek has worked for thirty years with families in crisis and has served in various leading roles, including the Brooklyn Fatherhood Coalition. He is active in the national and local homeschool community, having once served as the regional representative for the New York State Loving Education at Home. He serves on the board of trustees of Sandy Cove Ministries. He is also a Ph.D. social work candidate at Yeshiva University and is an associate pastor in his local church.

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