Successful AP test scores add oomph to your child’s college application while simultaneously earning them college credit. You can successfully prepare for AP tests at home, even without a co-op, and even without expertise in the subject. Come learn how to tackle these advanced academics by understanding the available resources, the mechanics of the tests and strategies for avoiding burnout. We will also talk about self-study skills for teens. Teens are welcome to attend!

Rachel Spigarelli has been homeschooling her six children for 15 years but still has 10 more years to go. She currently lives in Virginia and loves going on field trips with her family. Her homeschool is math-heavy, and Rachel especially focuses on teaching homeschool high school AP classes for her older children. She loves to write about her homeschooling experiences, and you can find her online at: and on Instagram: @HomeschoolingInThePresentTense.