A perennial problem for homeschoolers is socialization—too much of it! At least, there are too many opportunities. Today’s homeschoolers can direct their students’ educations without ever reading a teacher’s guide. Everybody is outsourcing—are we throwing our babies out with the bathwater? Outside classes can be valuable, no doubt! But much of the data on homeschooling is founded on the radical concept of a parent and student doing the work together—at home—even if the parent is not an expert. You don’t have to spend megabucks—let’s talk about staying home and a quality education!

Marji McIlvaine and husband, Rick, homeschooled for 26 years in 4 states and are now officially retired as homeschool parents. All 6 of their children have graduated from their homeschool, half are college graduates or students or working. Marji’s heart is to encourage other parents in the homeschool journey. She served on the board of Henderson County Homeschool Association for 20 years, administers the Woodcock-Johnson test in WNC, and teaches homeschoolers online and in-person with Master’s Mark Academics, Luma Learn, BBC tutorials and Classical Scholars Tutorials. Marji also tutors students with reading difficulties. She has a passion for foreign languages, science, writing, history and, oh, the whole of God’s incredible creation, and for sharing the joy in those subjects with her own children and others in our homeschooling community.

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