Math is much more than a set of problems in a textbook. Math is all around us, but how do we recognize it? In this session, you will learn how you can teach real world math to your child through everyday activities. We will tackle not only the basics but the more advanced levels of mathematics. 

Andrea Hall, M.Ed., is a certified educator, executive director and mom of 3 with over 17 years of homeschooling experience. As an educator, she designs online courses and teaches through The Study Hall Education Consulting Company, LLC. She was motivated to start the In Real Life Math Community,, by her love of math. Her goal is to create in her students a love for mathematics, one equation at a time. She is also the founder and executive director of EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc., a nonprofit homeschool organization that seeks to enrich, enhance and empower home education in the community ( When she is not working, she likes to blog at where she shares her journey as a busy, working, homeschooling mom.

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