Movers and shakers are few and far between; they are not the norm. And yet, this is what God invites us to walk in: to be in the world but not of it—to be set apart. Homeschooling for the purpose of graduation and a good career vs. homeschooling for the purpose of raising kingdom minded culture-shifters are two very different things. If you are hoping for more out of this than a good GPA, join Rebecca as she shares encouragement, tips, strategies and real examples of people who had unorthodox educations that led to unorthodox lives. Step outside the box with me; it’s far from the status quo.

Rebecca Spooner is a second generation homeschool mom of 5, author of More than Words Bible curriculum and Gather ‘Round Homeschool, international speaker and popular blogger at She is married to an RCMP (Canadian police) officer and lives in a frozen tundra (okay, it only snows half the year) in Northern BC, Canada. She is passionate about sharing real life and the message that this homeschooling life is messy and wonderful and challenging and most importantly—possible. Come join her in the midst of her chaos. She doesn’t promise to have it all together; she promises to give you hope, laughter and permission to make mistakes and know you are not alone, and this is worth the cost.

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