It is one thing when students are sure of their post-high school plans, but it is totally different when they have no clue or, perhaps more difficult, when they have so many varied plans that you are not sure how to help! How do parents steer students? When is it appropriate to totally back-off? Whether your students choose to take a gap year, work a blue collar job, start a business, go to college, or get married, there are steps you can take to ensure their success. It is best to begin to plan accordingly, setting up your students up for success regardless of their chosen path.

Patricia Wesolowski is an author, speaker and homeschooling mother of 9 who is now the homeschool specialist at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. After homeschooling her 9 children for the past 32 years, she is finally finished! Pat has a heart for helping parents find joy in their homeschooling experience and, for that reason, loves teaching workshops in order to encourage and equip parents for a fun and successful homeschool experience. Pat is the host of a podcast entitled “Homeschooling Co-op Style,” writes a blog and has authored numerous unit studies for homeschooled students. Pat has also written a free e-resource to help parents plan for a successful high school experience:

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