Grammar and punctuation are often dreaded subjects for many of us, but they matter! This workshop starts with discussing the deterioration of grammar in students’ writing (based on over twenty years teaching middle school, high school, and college), how the workforce still highly values professional, error-free writing, and ends with practical activities that we parents can use in helping our youngsters improve their writing through proper grammar.

Janice Broyles is an educator with over 20 years experience. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership and considers it an honor and privilege to teach others, as well as her own children. She is also an author of more than five award-winning books and the head editor and publisher of Late November Literary, a small traditional press located in Winston-Salem. She is also the proud mother of two sons, Jonathan and Benjamin. Jonathan is now a law enforcement officer, and Benjamin is twelve and a seventh grader. Janice and her husband, John, decided that providing the best education for their sons starts at home. She and her family are from the great state of Michigan but now currently reside in the lovely (and much warmer) state of North Carolina.

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