Young adults today tend to have a few significant things in common, and among these are a) a deep desire to have their lives matter and b) a strong aversion to failure. Every young adult faces roadblocks, but not everyone responds effectively to failure and hardship—and many young adults find themselves stalling out and getting stuck. Sharing from personal experience as well as from experience working with over two hundred young adults as a mentor and life coach, Victoria speaks to the issues of resiliency, identity and practically responding to failure.

Victoria Grant, the director of content and coaching for Unbound, is a first generation homeschool graduate, college graduate and graduate student. As the oldest of six in an internationally adoptive, military and law enforcement family, she brings a unique perspective on strength and family ties amidst stress, separation, crazy schedules and hardships such as cancer. Victoria is passionate about equipping young adults to recognize their potential, to form a biblical sense of identity, and to know God and make Him known in daily life. She offers several sessions on parent-child communication, surrender, identity and navigating post-high school life.

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