It has been said “He who does not know his history is doomed to repeat it.” In an increasingly global society, understanding the historical perspective of others is no longer a “nice thing to do;” this is a critical skill that helps our children reach their destiny. In this session, we will uncover various ways to create history studies that are geared toward building a generation of leaders. We will discuss how to teach the more difficult topics without creating difficult moments and why a significant change from traditional history is important for this generation.

Belinda Bullard is the founder of A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources, an educator and an author. Belinda and her best friend of almost 30 years have homeschooled their three children, with two of the three having graduated and currently pursuing their academic and career pursuits away from home. A chemical engineer by formal education, she birthed A Blessed Heritage based upon her own passion to teach her children history beyond the traditional narrative. A Blessed Heritage has become a leader in producing multicultural history resources within the homeschooling community. She also chronicles the family’s homeschooling journey at “A Blessed Heritage Chronicles.”

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