Did you know that North Carolina offers a free resource for college and career planning? It’s true! College Foundation of North Carolina has been serving our students, families and educators for over 20 years. Our website, CFNC.org, is the go-to location for career planning, college admissions, NC residency and financial aid information. Students can take free career interest assessments—with a new connection to NCcareers.org, apply to most colleges in NC, send official transcripts, apply for scholarships and more. Attend this session to learn all about this wonderful free resource! 

Takeila Hall received a degree in communication studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1998. She began working with College Foundation of North Carolina in 1999 as a program information and marketing specialist. She has 21 years of experience providing information on career planning, academic planning, applying to college, scholarships/grants, and North Carolina’s National College Savings Plan.

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