I am in community with over 200 homeschooling families and not one of them looks alike. Some people love schedules. There are morning people, night owls, exhausted pigeons. Some outsource their homeschooling. Some do it all by themselves. We have sports kids, theater kids, musical kids, working kids. We all work so very hard to provide the very best environment in which our children can thrive. We also just want them to be successful humans. So let’s stop judging each other and comparing ourselves with others. Create your own unique vision for homeschooling and hold fast to it.

Katie Dugdale is a child of God, lover of Christ, wife to an amazing man and mom to 4 beautiful kids. Her family has been homeschooling from the beginning and have just finished their twelfth year. It is a constant journey. Each of Katie’s kids was born in a different state. They have many chapters in their story, and Katie has several years of teaching experience through the public school system, homeschooling her own children, working with the church youth group, and teaching in local homeschool co-ops. Katie holds a degree in early childhood education from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She served on the board of directors of the Henderson County Homeschool Association for six years as activities director, treasurer and secretary. Katie now co-directs Classical Scholars Homeschool Co-op in Mills River, NC.

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