Marriage is hard! Yet when it is right and good, it can withstand anything. It doesn’t matter what the status of your bank account, the condition of your home, or what your children dish out because when a husband and wife are right, they’re unbeatable. On the flip side, when a husband and wife feel distant, it only takes the slightest breeze to ruffle a bunch of feathers. That’s because marriage matters. Join Todd for a time of laughter and encouragement as he shares real life stories, problems and frustrations along with practical, simple solutions to having a marriage that can‘t be beat!

Todd Wilson is a dad, granddad, writer, conference speaker and former pastor. He will be a speaker at the 2021 Thrive! Conference. As the founder of Familyman Ministries, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through a weekly email for dads, seminars and books and products that encourage parents. Todd and his wife, Debbie, homeschool three of their eight children (five have graduated) in northern Indiana and travel America in the Familyman Mobile. You can read more at

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