Memorizing dates, reciting facts, listing events and labeling geographical features: Is it any wonder that so many students view history as bland, boring and irrelevant? “They’re just a bunch of dead people; it doesn’t affect my life.” How can we give history CPR to help students become excited about civilizations and cultures, to discover people and places and to wrestle with the rising and falling of nations. Pull up a chair and spend some time with Julia Nalle, co-author of BiblioPlan, as she offers 50+ creative and practical ways to breathe life back into history

Julia Nalle is a wife, mother, licensed practical nurse, teacher, writer and co-owner of BiblioPlan. Julia has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Religion with emphasis in Old Testament Studies, Counseling and Pastoral Ministries. With numerous years of experience teaching in classroom settings, homeschooling her own children, tutoring children with special needs, and teaching at a co-op, Julia has encountered it all. From the underachieving gifted students to the struggling reader, Julia has learned how to adapt, adjust and creatively engage children on a wide range of spectrums. In her sessions she loves to share her heart for Classical/Charlotte Mason styled education while giving numerous practical and easy to implement ways to teach and inspire children.

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