Memorizing dates, reciting facts, listing events and labeling geographical features: Is it any wonder that so many students view history as bland, boring and irrelevant? “They’re just a bunch of dead people; it doesn’t affect my life.” How can we give history CPR to help students become excited about civilizations and cultures, to discover people and places and to wrestle with the rising and falling of nations. Pull up a chair and spend some time with Julia Nalle, co-author of BiblioPlan, as she offers 50+ creative and practical ways to breathe life back into history

Julia Nalle is passionate about Christ, her family, adoption and classical home education. Julia and her husband, Rob, live in a book-filled little house in the woods of central Virginia with their children. Julia has a BS in early childhood education and a master’s in religion with emphasis in Old Testament studies, counseling and pastoral ministries. Julia and Rob spend much of their days writing and producing BiblioPlan, a Christian, classical history and literature curriculum. In 2010, they adopted their youngest son from a mental institute in a backwoods village in Eastern Europe. Since that experience, Julia and Rob spend many of their spare hours passionately advocating for orphans, especially for special needs orphans. Their blog is Micah Six Eight.

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