If God really is good and all-powerful as the Bible claims, then why is there so much pain, evil and suffering in the world? Where did evil come from; and why doesn’t God do something about it? This challenge is one of the biggest that Christians face. Whether personally experiencing tragedy or encountering a skeptic who raises this objection, everyone needs to be prepared to give an answer. In this talk, we will deal honestly with the force of this objection and show why Christianity offers the best response to the problem of evil and suffering.

Jonathan Morrow (D.Min, M.Div., M.A.) is a sought after speaker and teacher who has a gift for explaining challenging topics in ways the rest of us can understand. He is the author of several books including Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey and Questioning the Bible: 11 Major Challenges to the Bible’s Authority and is an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. He also contributed to the Apologetics Study Bible for Students. As the director of cultural engagement for Impact 360 Institute, Jonathan trains high school and college students in the Institute's two-week summer immersion experience and the nine-month gap year program. Jonathan speaks nationally on worldview, apologetics and culture and is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand why they believe what they believe. Visit him online at JonathanMorrow.org.

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