When a gifted child’s needs are not being met in a traditional school setting, homeschooling is an important educational option to consider. This presentation will provide an introduction to homeschooling high-ability learners through the lenses of both educational theory and practical experience. Parents will gain an understanding of how learning theory supports the practice of homeschooling. They will learn how to choose and adapt homeschool curriculum to meet the individual needs of high-ability learners. Techniques for supporting the unique emotional and developmental needs of gifted children will also be discussed.

Mary Morse earned her Ph.D. in education from the University of Tennessee. Her academic focus was educational psychology and instructional design and technology. Her professional experience and research focuses on creating personal learning environments, self-organized learning and competency credit, and community and parental involvement in education. Morse has been involved in homeschooling since the early 1990s. She is currently the vice president of the Great Smokies Christian Home Educators, a homeschool support group in Jackson County, NC. She was also involved in leadership for over ten years with a very large homeschool support group in Eastern Tennessee while homeschooling her oldest son. Her oldest son was homeschooled from pre-school through high school and is now a public school teacher. She and her husband are currently homeschooling their fourteen-year-old son.

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