Our Lord Jesus calls Himself “the Truth,” and Paul the apostle asserted that “He might gather together all things in Christ.” John added that Christ is “The Word.” Yet, we still tend to teach a fragmented curriculum oriented not toward Truth but toward worldly success. Is that our best option? This workshop strives for a higher objective, rethinking the whole learning sequence in light of the person of Christ and the Holy Trinity.

Andrew Kern is a researcher, teacher and consultant in classical education. Having home schooled (with his wife) their five now grown children, and having trained many homeschool teachers through the CiRCE apprenticeship, Andrew has grown into a well-received homeschool conference speaker. He has also been consulting with classical educators for over twenty years. Andrew is founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, co-author of The Lost Tools of Writing, The CiRCE Guide to Reading, and (with Dr. Gene Edward Veith) Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America. He and his family live in North Carolina.

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