American higher education faces challenges on multiple fronts. However, there is a crisis in higher education that rises above all other problems: that American education no longer teaches the meaning of life. For most of the nearly 400 years of American higher education, its central purpose was to shape students’ souls. Today, most colleges go no further than helping students find a job. This is a fine outcome, but it represents a shallow version of what parents and students should expect. Higher education has abandoned its core purpose and badly lost its way. But there is hope.

Paul J. Maurer serves as the eighth president of Montreat College. As a visionary and results-driven Christian leader, he believes deeply in the value of Christ-centered higher education. Drawing from more than twenty-five years of leadership in nonprofit and higher education administration, Dr. Maurer has led efforts in governance, organizational development, marketing and communications, adult and graduate studies, and government relations. He has spent nearly two decades in higher education leadership. He is a published author and frequent speaker. Dr. Maurer earned his Ph.D. in political science from Claremont Graduate University, where he was an H. B. Earhart Fellow and a John M. Olin Fellow. He earned his B.A. from the University of Cincinnati and his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. Maurer and his wife, Joellen, have been married since 1989, and have four children.

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