What do you want your son to be like at twenty years old? When he is heading off to college or getting married is probably too late to decide. This session will teach you how to start with the end in mind and provide some practical coaching on how you can maximize the years from twelve to twenty to grab the heart of your son and pour into him those qualities you want to be a part of his character as he moves away from boyhood and into manhood. (for parents only)

John and Lorie Kirkland are the parents of Joshua (twenty-five), Lucas (twenty-one), John Mark (seventeen) and Peter (fourteen). They have been homeschooling for twenty-one years. Professionally, John is the president of the management consulting firm, JF Kirkland, LLC. John joined the NCHE board of directors in 2007 as secretary and has also served as IT director. John is the currently the NCHE president. John and Lorie think that many parents may start homeschooling for the great educational opportunities it provides but believe the most important benefit to homeschooling is that it offers the absolute best model and environment for biblical discipleship of our children as taught in Deuteronomy 6.

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