Learning is important and can be hard work! Playing board and card games is very rewarding for many people. Participants will learn how to use games to introduce and reinforce major educational concepts for students. Games, unfamiliar to many, will be introduced this session. These games will help teach concepts like Newtonian physics, critical thinking, problem solving, probability and inductive logic.

Chris Ruminski is a teacher by training and practice. He taught elementary school (third and fifth grade) in public schools for seven years. He tutored kindergartners to adult GRE students privately at the same time. After moving his family to WV, he worked several years educating child-care providers. After moving to Fayetteville, NC, everyone agreed it was time to homeschool his only child. It has been three years now, and they have never regretted it. Chris has been a board gamer ever since growing up in a house that had a regular family game night. In his travels he has been able to find new games and experience some of the best ever created. For the last two years Chris has taught a Learning with Games class for the HOME homeschool co-op. He is writing a book sharing these games and how to use them for education.

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