God has a purpose for your child and did not make a mistake! Dara will cover how to accept each child and his individual challenges and how to help each reach his potential. Dara and Tracy successfully homeschooled two boys with genius IQ’s. One also had ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s syndrome. The other three boys, of average intelligence, successfully graduated in spite of dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD. Each is on a unique path, but all are becoming the men that God created them to be. They have good self-esteem and are excited about life and love and follow God.

Dara Halydier is a pastor’s wife, Bible teacher, conference and retreat speaker, mentor, friend and the mother of five grown boys! She homeschooled for twenty-one wonderful years and is now encouraging other homeschooling families by speaking across the nation at homeschool conferences. She is the executive director of Abiding Truth Ministry and the author of the Practical Proverbs series and As They Sit and Stand: A Resource and Guide for Teaching Your Children the Bible. Dara has learned life’s lessons the hard way—experience! The lessons she shares come from truths that she has learned from dealing with chronic pain and a disability, from having moved over thirty times, having four boys with learning disabilities and having overcome a past of abuse and shame to now proclaim God’s grace, forgiveness and freedom. Dara teaches with humor, wisdom, and vulnerability as she reaches out to encourage and equip the next generation.

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