We all have a destiny that has been set forth for us by Christ. He has not left us clueless as to how we are to live it out. The Word of God gives us the road map to reaching our destiny. As we open up the Scriptures we are able to determine what ways will lead us to our destiny. It is a powerful thing to be able to discover the true meaning of Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah and Jean Castille are the proud parents of six children, four of whom were homeschooled. They are the founders of the Jeremiah Castille Foundation which focuses on mentoring youth. Jeremiah grew up in a dysfunctional home, but mentors contributed greatly to his successes in life. Most notable was the legendary Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, who instilled discipline and leadership in Jeremiah. Coach Bryant taught him that with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and integrity, he could do great things. Coach Bryant’s guidance and Jeremiah’s resolve led Jeremiah to numerous successes including being selected the MVP in Coach Bryant’s last Liberty Bowl game. For six years, Jeremiah played professional football with Tampa Bay and Denver. As a member of the Denver Broncos, he played in Super Bowl XXII. Throughout his professional career, Jeremiah’s purpose in life became clearer. His experiences led him to mentor, coach and encourage at-risk youth. In 1999, Jeremiah and Jean founded Jeremiah Castille Foundation. The foundation’s vision is to invest, influence, impact and inspire youth, in order to rebuild and restore generations.

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