Teaching wisdom should be one aim of the educational process. Facts without context and narrative are drained of meaning. Michael outlines the benefits of the story-driven approach to teaching. Showing the value of this approach for students of all ages, he explains the connection between the stories we tell and our worldview, breathing life into history and making it relevant for walking wisely. By entering into the Great Conversation, we grapple with the great questions and learn the lessons of the past in order to apply them as we seek to live the lives God has called us to live.

Michael Somerville is the president of Lampstand Press, publisher of Tapestry of Grace. Home-educated through high school, Michael graduated first in his class from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business before completing his master of science degree in systems engineering from the Johns Hopkins University with a 4.0 GPA. Michael worked in systems engineering for defense contractor Lockheed Martin. His home education equipped him with the tools to understand people, communicate effectively, write clearly, build effective teams and creatively solve problems in the real world. As homeschooling parents with three daughters, Michael and his wife, Jessica, are second-generation users of Tapestry of Grace and worked together to develop Tapestry Primer, which helps families that are beginning the homeschooling journey. Michael leads the company’s development of new products and our marketing efforts. He is passionate about encouraging families as they pursue home-based education to the glory of God.

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