Twin City Quarter (Benton Convention Center, Embassy Suites und Marriott), 301 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101Das Benton Conference Center befindet sich in der Innenstadt von Winston-Salem.

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Vollständige Konferenzregistrierung—This entitles you to attend the vendor hall, all conference and vendor workshops and keynote sessions, teen and alum activities, the talent showcase and the gatherings.

Registrierung nur in der Vendor Hall—Dies beinhaltet den Eintritt in die Verkaufshalle, die Verkaufsworkshops und die Versammlungen.

Armbänder und Namensschilder—Teilnehmer, die für die gesamte Konferenz registriert sind, tragen grüne Armbänder. Teilnehmer, die nur für die Verkaufshalle registriert sind, tragen gelbe Armbänder. Redner, NCHE-Beauftragte und das Konferenzteam tragen grüne Namensschilder. Verkäufer tragen gelbe Namensschilder.

Tickets für einzelne Veranstaltungen—If you are not registered for the full conference and would like to attend a workshop session, keynote, teen and alumni dance, teen and alumni games social, talent showcase, you can buy a ticket for $5 each to attend these. Purchase tickets at the registration table and then give them to a door monitor.

Konferenz Happenings 

All Three Days:

Konferenz-Workshops—Conference workshops are talks by speakers who have been invited to participate in our conference. The topics are usually inspirational or instructional about homeschooling and family. Admission requires full conference registration or a $5 ticket.

Lieferanten-Workshops—A vendor workshop is a talk by one of our vendors and usually explains their product but can also cover a variety of subjects. Admission requires full conference registration or vendor hall only registration.

Keynotes—There are 3 keynotes, Thursday 7:30 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m., and Saturday 9:00 a.m. in Salem Ballroom. A keynote session begins with a 30 minute period of general business and then a keynote address by one of our featured speakers. Admission requires full conference registration or a $5 ticket.

 Kinderprogramm—The children’s program is provided by Giant Cow Ministries and available to conference attendees for an additional fee. Children should be preregistered in order to attend. Onsite registration will be taken if there is room. It is located in the Hearn Ballroom in the Marriott. It is open to children ages 3-11.

Betreuung– Erfahrene Homeschooler warten darauf, Ihre Homeschooling-Fragen zu beantworten. Der Mentor-Tisch befindet sich direkt vor der Verkaufshalle bei den Haupttüren. Die Öffnungszeiten des Mentorentisches sind donnerstags von 13:15 bis 18:45 Uhr, freitags von 9:15 bis 18:15 Uhr und samstags von 9:15 bis 15:15 Uhr.

Regionale Versammlungen—A time to meet others from your NCHE region will be scattered throughout the conference between workshop sessions. Find your region in the map and the time and room for your regional meeting in the general schedule and plan to attend the meeting for your region. Here is the link for the regional map https://www.nche.com/community/regions/.

Besondere Versammlungen—These will be opportunities to gather with others who are in these special circumstances of homeschoolers. These gatherings will be scheduled between the workshops. The special gatherings for this year will include: Military, special needs, single parents, new homeschoolers, parents of preschoolers, parents of gifted children, homeschooling with a home business, adoptive parents, and homeschooling with a chronic illness. Just drop in and meet others!


Leaders’ Luncheon and Workshop—NCHE hosts a special luncheon just for our homeschool leaders on Thursday 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Pavilion. Preregistration is required. Registration for the luncheon does not include conference registration. A leaders’ workshop is from 1:15-2:15 p.m. in the Gaines Ballroom. This workshop is open to all. 

Teen und Alumni Tanz im Cotillion-Stil—With an emphasis on instruction, NCHE offers this dance for our teens and alumni on Thursday 7:30 p.m. in the Pavilion. Admission requires full conference registration or a $5 ticket.

Alumni Coffee Social—All alumni are invited to join us for coffee and snacks in the event director’s suite in the Marriott Hotel at 9:45 p.m., Thursday, for a relaxing time to hang out with other homeschool alumni. For the room number ask at the conference help or conference registration tables.


Hochschulmesse—This is an opportunity for students to meet and talk with college recruiters who are interested in homeschooled students. This will be 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. on Friday and is located on the Garden Terrace on the second floor of the Embassy Suites.

Soziale Spiele für Teenager und Alumni—A games social will be held in the Pavilion, Friday night from the closing of the talent show until 10:45 p.m. NCHE will provide cards, board games and group games. Admission requires full conference registration or a $5 ticket.

Talent Showcase—Students who have been selected from an audition process showcase their talents, Friday at 7:45 p.m. in the Salem Ballroom. Admission requires full conference registration or a $5 ticket.


Abschluss– NCHE veranstaltet am Samstag um 17:00 Uhr (Einlass erst um 16:45 Uhr) in den Ballsälen von Winston und Salem eine landesweite Abschlussfeier der Homeschool High School. Alle sind dazu eingeladen.

Zeichnungen der Verkaufshalle—Am Samstagnachmittag finden 2 Ziehungen statt.
Signaturkartenziehung für $250 in bar, Samstag 13:40 Uhr
Win Two—Free Conference Admission for 2020 (reimbursed) and 2021, Saturday 3:00 p.m. (Must be present to win.)

Conference Recordings

 Audioaufnahmen—Audioaufzeichnungen von Konferenzworkshops und Keynotes werden auf zwei Arten reproduziert: CDs und MP3s. Die Bestellformulare finden Sie bei der Registrierung oder am Aufnahmetisch im Winston-Foyer.

Purchasing CDs—Recordings in CD format are available for sale only at the conference and must be picked up by the end of the conference. A complete set of all recordings on CDs may be purchased at the conference or online afterwards at a reduced price and will shipped. NCHE will not ship or mail individual CDs.

 Kauf von MP3s—Recordings in MP3 format will be available for a special price at the conference and for a short time afterwards. They may be ordered online at the NCHE website when they are available (within 24 hours after each session). A complete set of all recordings can be purchased on a flash drive at a reduced price and shipped.

 Graduation Video Recordings—AV Connections, Inc. will be video recording the graduation ceremonies. These recordings may be ordered onsite at the AVC table in the Salem Foyer or through their email address at avrentals@avconnectionsusa.com.


 Room Signs—We are using the Benton Convention Center’s electronic room signs to identify the workshops that will be in each room.

 Freiwilligenarbeit—Please consider being one of our very important volunteers! If you are willing to help out, go here https://www.nche.com/thrive/general-information/thrive-volunteer/.

Workshop-Handouts—Some of the speakers prepare a handout (with notes about their talks). These can be found online at nche.com/thrive/speakers/handouts in May.

Zimmer der stillenden Mütter– Wir haben den Shober-Sitzungssaal (gegenüber von Gaines in der Botschaft) für stillende Mütter reserviert.

 Conference-Hilfetabelle—Wenn Sie Fragen zur Konferenz haben, schauen Sie am Konferenzhilfetisch am Eingang des Benton vorbei.

 Verloren und gefunden—Lost and Found befindet sich am Registrierungstisch und am NCHE-Tisch in der Verkaufshalle, Stand 1.

Dolmetscherdienste—NCHE wird Dolmetscherdienste erbringen, wenn wir dies rechtzeitig im Voraus wissen, um diese zu beauftragen. Die Frist, die diese Zeit erlaubt, ist der 30. April. Bitte senden Sie eine E-Mail an Debbie Mason, events@nche.com, mit einer Liste der Workshops, für die Sie bis zu diesem Termin dolmetschen möchten.

Hotel Reservations for Marriott and Embassy Suites for the 2020 Conference—These reservations can be made beginning October 1 of each year at 9:00 a.m. Rooms, especially in the Embassy, will go very quickly, but many times there are more available before the conference as people release their reservations. Note that the dates for the 2020 conference will be May 28-30.