NCHE has named Matthew McDill as their executive director. McDill has served as NCHE president since May 2017.

NCHE law and policy director, Spencer Mason, said the board’s move toward hiring an executive director will give the organization the focused leadership it needs to most effectively accomplish the board’s goals. NCHE has not named an executive director since 1989.

As president, McDill has provided strategic and operational leadership to the organization. As executive director, he will also represent NCHE programs and perspectives to agencies, organizations, and the general public. Additionally, this position will allow him to promote active participation by volunteers.

In a unanimous decision by their volunteer board of directors, NCHE chose to hire McDill to fill the position. McDill and his wife, Dana, educate their children at home in Watauga County where he currently works bi-vocationally as both a pastor at a local church and a professor at Appalachian State University.

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