So marriage is tougher than you expected. You thought everything was white picket fences—and then you had kids. Before you had kids (and all that stress and anxiety), you were patient, fun, had energy, you listened. But now you yell, withdraw, snipe at each other, and you’re slowly drifting apart. One spouse coddles the child; the other is too tough. And this isn’t what you expected. So what are some practical and easy ways to grow together—instead of growing apart? Come learn 10 things your spouse desperately wants you to know. Serious stuff, but we’ll laugh together as well.

Kirk Martin is laugh-out-loud funny, practical, and his message is life-changing. That is how over 600,000 parents at over 1,500 live workshops have described this Celebrate Calm founder and homeschooling father. Based on work with 1,500 of the most challenging children right in his own home, Kirk’s strategies will eliminate the power struggles, yelling and arguing that characterize many homes. Parents leave his workshops changed and grateful. What makes his workshops unique? Kirk’s presentations, featuring interactions with his son, Casey, make the strategies concrete, challenging and funny. His gut-wrenchingly honest approach inspires transformation. The workshops spend a lot of time helping parents change. After all, the best discipline is modeling, as well as teaching self-discipline to your child.

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